Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Query to an Agent/Publisher

Gosh, it seems to be such a Dogma. A very touchy subject, "Where did I come from"? As your child or someone else child has asked. You always try and keep your answers simply as possible, I have told my children, "We all came from the Hands Of God"!. I had a vision about a children's Book. We can altogether relate. A "beautiful book", explain this to children, through illustrations.

I wanted to show and tell in a children's book, using Angels and water. As the waters are forming in God's hands- they fall unto the Earth, and become human. They look around at each other and smile, then look up to God.

Each  form of water, (children), I wanted them to resemble the Saint's- The great Leader's- Healers, Geniuses; (Biblical, Moses, Einstein, Buddha - heroes and Herons),-etc.
By showing, that each of them came from the hands of God- mixing and meshing- twisting and turning as they came to be. Letting children know that "they" have a bit of Einstein, Saints, and some Great leaders and Healers in "US" all.

To convey to children, that we are all so special, no matter what. Different Yes!, and yet so much alike. So when someone's Child- Grandchild- Friend, and so on ask, where do I come from? This little book can help. Making this a Universal language, "From the Hands of God".
I want it to be funny, to touch your soul. There is an angel that always, and I mean always, asks questions, (like most child do). Furthermore, a form of water ( a child ) that is funny and compassionate, to show that God favors "Love, Humor, and Compassion".




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