Friday, July 31, 2009

The Book

Well it finally arrived, all wrapped in an envelope with my name on it. I am so excited ... Can't wait to open and read it!.
Victoria K. Smith I am so very proud of you and your First BOOK, I love the illustrations, the scriptures that you have chosen with each an every page. It has changed a little from the original, I really like this one a lot more. The drawings are wonderful Victoria, the colors are fantastic. The story is really beautiful... I can't wait to share it. You Rock and God bless you Victoria and this Book
Wow what can one say, this book reminds me somewhat of the Little Mermaid,
I will drink to that... no pun intended
With all my love Cousin Cindy
Doing the Jim Carey Dance

The Little Mouse

Tap, Tap, Tap... waiting for the mail to arrive, another day. My cousin's book The Little mouse, is set to arrive. Via Mail. I know she has sent it. I just hate waiting for the mailman. Went on Amazon to look... and low and behold their it was, I've seen it,-their- it- was-the Little Mouse the book. When she sent the manuscript to me, Their was pictures with it. But it's just not, can't repeat it not the same.. To open a new book-- the smell of fresh ink- your eyes are the first to look upon it. I know there has been some really great reviews on the book. When she had mention the idea, way back when. and now it is all done and said. Signed-Sealed- And -Delivered- I just can't wait to post the Mission Statement up. I can't, I told her I wouldn't do that until I get the book in my hands. Then I will blast it to everyone I know. The anticipation of all this

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Making a Difference

I know of someone whom everyday makes a difference… her name is Mary Robinson Reynolds.

Her website is

I don’t know if it is me or what…but sometimes we all just need a hug. Have a heart give a heart… have Compassion , put yourself in someone else’s shoes.. feel what they feel.

Knowing doesn’t always have to be the answer. Just letting someone know that you hear their Voice. Acknowledge them, calm them by just listening. Connect with them. I believe people don’t need to know what…Just being their for someone.. I know I have listen to many of people, and I do believe LOVE IS THE ONLY WAY

sURE i jOKE AROUND, MAKE LIGHT of things… I care.. why because I am there .

Say, “ I hear you- I feel your pain-" I do understand what you are going thru”. let me yell with, let me hug you, let me hold you.. If you can’t be there in person, a kind voice ,a soft whisper. Just knowing you are their


My Aunt’s Hands

  My Aunts Hands

My hands I look at my hands

I wake up suddenly and see's the strength the hard work

Lines of truth in each curve,

Arthritis has set in, I ask please don't fail me now

There is still much left to achieve

More hugs a gentle touch

When I hug or chop something up

I don't want to hurt and pull back in pain

Lord God Universe please give me more time to do your work

Without pain or hesitation or to pause on which task to take

Hand to hold from this day forward

Use them wisely- point in one direction not at someone

Practice this always each day on

Hands to hold from this day forward

To praise to lift up

Give thanks always

Hands- remarkable- Loving-Kind- to wipe away tears

Not to make tears

To my Aunt Small and frail

Mother of Ten- Wife to three-Grandmother and Great Grandmother

So many hugs an loves

Sister to my father. Mother to all

Hands are tired


She wants to cook her favorite meal

Time is at hand soul wants to escape

Be young just once more

Free as a young Woman

Wants one more Dance

My Aunt.. Sister of my Father Mother of Ten

Be still- Take Care and love once more

Thursday, July 16, 2009

A quite Place



Early morning in a quite place, the ground is waking to a new day.. stretching pulling towards the sun..Aw a warm breeze, looking up to get a glimpse.. A bird singing it’s own tune.. to  praise – the- warmth- of- a- summer’s- day

A drink of water and on it’s way, life is good what a wonderful day

Recycled water fountain



Have snow peas, sugar peas- tomatoes- Basil- Lavender- Dill-Thyme-

Love to recycle things- all from organic soil

Veggie waste- shredded tax returns-and junk mail

I can taste them now-


I don't know if you can see it!... but if you look real close in the picture.. you can see heaven..

Be Still

I've seen a glimpse into the lake trees Covered blanket shore it slowly reveals one's self The moon the sun set on the reflection- shore People pass to look a silent ripple of the wave The wind whispers it's name A quiet whisper shhh no more A look around - no one around A sound of relief A secret, a big exhale. Breathe life again I look across the horizon to see a reflection, Come, come be still Listen no more to the rage the torrent, the crazy no more Please, Please, be still.. Look unto the horizon- see yourself the Beauty the still. God... Has giving the Universe... Still Please be silent please be still


I often wonder life without hands No signature- no hands to hold- a face to touch- a hug to give Touch-paint-garden- cook-all I know What would Life be, no flowers to grow Can't imagine this to be.So please tell me what would it be A smile may walk away Does anyone care just to lend a hand..take a hand- lend -a- hand I don't have the answers- I do have a hug, a helping hand to lend I will plant my seeds and tend my garden, One can't pull all the weeds out So I water and feed I will take care of them too

Reflection Of You and Me

As I sit at my desk and look, there is a picture starring back at me-

A Reflection of days gone by,

A picture of you and Me!

Mom and Dad

A childs cry….

We both smile, life ahead, hands we hold

Hope that we have...

A smile Reflects of you and me..

60 years has pasted of you and me

So filled with hope so filled with love.. 30ish style

A young mans dreams, of soupped up cars, and a wife's dream

A wish of luck of many more to come

Reflections of hope of you and me.

I wrote this Poem for my Parents: I look at their picture on my desk, so filled with love

Monday, July 13, 2009

Your Favorite Quotes List

Your Favorite Quotes List: "Do all the good you can, By all the means you can, In all the ways you can, In all the places you can, At all the times you can. - Anonymous"