Thursday, April 28, 2011




As I’m setting still, I listen to the Universal Love of God

I am in the presence of pure being. I am not alone.

I am not alone. I hold this thought in mind and feel comforted. The evidence of love begins to show. A ray of sunshine strikes a crystal and the rainbow of colors dances on my wall. A tiny bird comes near to sing its song just for me. In books and music, through the gentle touch and kindness of others, God speaks to me of love. What reassurance comes when I take time to listen for and experience that still small voice of God.

In the quiet place within my heart, I feel God's loving presence. No burden is mine to carry alone. With each breath I draw upon the infinite strength and peace of the Divine. I gently release any sorrow or worry weighing me down. Enfolded in the embrace of sweet Spirit I know that I am not alone.

Yet I am not alone because the Father is with me.--John 16:32

Friday, April 22, 2011

New Phase in my Life

As Easter is upon us and Passover is here, This is a new phase of my life.

Moving forward in ones life is one of strength and courage, we find this when we go through really tuff times. We take a long hard look around to see what "WE" are made of. When I said "WE" I mean a village of people that are here standing with you, through the rain and sunshine- One's true family and friends.

 That's how you move forward in life. I really didn't know what all that really meant when one said "move forward". I am learning- on who is truly around, to help and guild, with loving support- That's what true love is. We have met some great people on this Journey with my husband. 

What is truly important in ones life- My Husband, father, and friend was a very successful man. What I mean in success, is, that's not about things it's about being brave thru all that he Endure , and saying. " If God wants me here then I am meant to be here".

I pull on his strenght when I am sad, and ask the Lord "WHY" we need him here with us-
I have, Friends often say how amazed at his Bravery thru this- They loved his spirit- How the Lord was his strength-

Remember friends will come and go in your life- The Golden ones will stay everyday and see you thru. I have choose to keep his spirit alive within our lives. I miss him dearly. Our friends have gathered around us, and talk about his true nature- the spirit that grew these last 7 years.

His kindness, craftsmanship, love and forgiveness that he often expressed. We've had many quite moments in our life- we would speak of Life and keeping it simple, so that the Lord's spirit can come in- and let love in-

We still from this day are getting cards sent in the most sincere  way, the precious words that were spoken about our loved one, fills our hearts with over joy- we just can't express what he truly meant to his friends. He always inspired his friends in the hospital, and to this day remains this families friends, and always will and not to forget all that have stayed.

God bless all that has stayed by our families side and guilded us on a daily bases. God will hold you dear. To us this is the meaning of Success, True friendship, True Love, and a wonderful spirit that will go on in each and everyone of us- Jesus said to love one another, come to me as a child

 So we bless this day and always with -Peace- Love-Kindness
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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Guidance LightImage by Akira ASKR via Flickr
 When asked for guidance and peace- Be Still to the spirit of God. A steady calm beholds ones stillness. A calm peace

In the quiet, I am aware of divine possibilities.

Whether I call it intuition or insight, inner knowing emanates from the spirit of God within me. I know the right action to take and when to take no action at all as I remain open to Spirit for guidance and illumination.
Clearing my mind of any uncertainty about what I can do, I open myself to what God's Presence can do through me. In quiet times of prayer, I receive divinely inspired direction. Free of any doubt or fear, I let divine possibilities flow into my conscious awareness.
Through prayer and meditation, I become attentive to the still small voice of intuition, the "inner teaching" of Spirit. I know when to speak and act and when to be still.

After he had dismissed the crowds, he went up the mountain by himself to pray.--Matthew 14:23
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Monday, April 11, 2011



There is no place that is beyond God's love.

As part of God's creation, I am blessed with the gift of grace. Grace is bestowed upon me unconditionally, without my needing to earn it or prove I deserve it. Like the father rushing to meet his returning prodigal son, God meets me when I seek the kingdom. Moreover, grace is active in me even when I am not consciously seeking, for there is no place in mind or heart that is beyond God's love.
Grace is visible in my life when the consequences of a mistake are gentler than they might have been. Grace is tangible when I feel blessed beyond all imagining. Love wells up within my heart until I feel the full impact of God's presence.
Thank you, God, for your gift of grace. I know I am always in your loving care.

Grace be with all of you.--Hebrews 13:25
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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Peace TimeImage via Wikipedia

Every stranger is my brother or sister.

Creating a world of harmony happens one person at a time--and it starts with me. In conscious alignment with Spirit,

I focus on creating peace and harmony within myself. Harmony then extends to my peaceful and loving relationships with my family and community, then spreads to my brothers and sisters around the world.

The spirit of God is within every person. If ever I feel disconnected from another, I take steps to re-establish harmony. I reach out to others with love and respect.

I remember that we are all connected; there are no strangers; separation does not exist.
When we see each other as members of one big family, the world is united in perfect harmony.

You shall also love the stranger, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt.--Deuteronomy 10:19
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I am strong, positive and powerful.

Every person has a purpose. I may discover mine when I am troubled by a situation and feel called to be part of the solution. The path may not be perfectly clear; I may not know what action to take. Nevertheless, I begin right where I am. I trust my inner wisdom to show me the way.

Rather than worry about making a mistake, I pray and take one small step. I trust that God will place a lamp before my feet, guiding me as I go.

As I give of myself in sacred service, everything I need is provided. I joyfully do what is mine to do. My faith grows even deeper as I give from my abundance. As I step out in faith, I am strong, positive and powerful.

You see that faith was active along with his works.--James 2:22

Saturday, April 2, 2011


I’ve become more passionate about Poetry, I came across this ole chapter from

Long Fellow.

It was so appropriate for me. I hope you enjoy this. Please help yourself. Make a copy put in a letter, always express how you feel.

Love is a force, Gods beautiful, Pure love for us ALL.  Enjoy


Friday, April 1, 2011

Our heart knows

Our heart knows

Listen to your heart when it asks you to act with kindness - your heart knows what truly fulfills you.

Listen to your heart when it suggests that you be patient - your heart knows how real and lasting value is created.
Tell me that you'll open your eyesImage by Katie Tegtmeyer via Flickr
Listen to your heart when it calls you to live this moment with joy - your heart knows what makes you the most effective.

Listen to your heart when it urges you to see profound beauty in the most ordinary things- your heart knows where your real strength comes from.

Listen to your heart when it reminds you to feel hopeful - your heart knows about possibilities that your mind has not yet considered.

Whether you're up or you're down, whether you're confident or unsure, listen to your heart - for your heart knows why you're here.

Author Unknown
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