Friday, April 22, 2011

New Phase in my Life

As Easter is upon us and Passover is here, This is a new phase of my life.

Moving forward in ones life is one of strength and courage, we find this when we go through really tuff times. We take a long hard look around to see what "WE" are made of. When I said "WE" I mean a village of people that are here standing with you, through the rain and sunshine- One's true family and friends.

 That's how you move forward in life. I really didn't know what all that really meant when one said "move forward". I am learning- on who is truly around, to help and guild, with loving support- That's what true love is. We have met some great people on this Journey with my husband. 

What is truly important in ones life- My Husband, father, and friend was a very successful man. What I mean in success, is, that's not about things it's about being brave thru all that he Endure , and saying. " If God wants me here then I am meant to be here".

I pull on his strenght when I am sad, and ask the Lord "WHY" we need him here with us-
I have, Friends often say how amazed at his Bravery thru this- They loved his spirit- How the Lord was his strength-

Remember friends will come and go in your life- The Golden ones will stay everyday and see you thru. I have choose to keep his spirit alive within our lives. I miss him dearly. Our friends have gathered around us, and talk about his true nature- the spirit that grew these last 7 years.

His kindness, craftsmanship, love and forgiveness that he often expressed. We've had many quite moments in our life- we would speak of Life and keeping it simple, so that the Lord's spirit can come in- and let love in-

We still from this day are getting cards sent in the most sincere  way, the precious words that were spoken about our loved one, fills our hearts with over joy- we just can't express what he truly meant to his friends. He always inspired his friends in the hospital, and to this day remains this families friends, and always will and not to forget all that have stayed.

God bless all that has stayed by our families side and guilded us on a daily bases. God will hold you dear. To us this is the meaning of Success, True friendship, True Love, and a wonderful spirit that will go on in each and everyone of us- Jesus said to love one another, come to me as a child

 So we bless this day and always with -Peace- Love-Kindness
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