My beloved and myself was out for a relaxing  Sunday in old down town, when, we ran across this seating area. It was just beckoned me to sit, snap this. I am so glad I did because a week later, the chairs were gone, sigh. I still have this on my camera.
When I run across this on my computer, I always get a sense of calm. I hope you feel the same.

Camera's in Review
Image representing Sony as depicted in CrunchBaseImage via CrunchBase
I don't have an DSLR camera as of yet. I have asking what makes a good camera that I can grow with, Hands down Canon was the response. Hum, still confused. I really like the Nikon. But my loyalty is to Sony, why? I started taking classes with Ivillage, and Sony was the sponsor.

 They had great forums. Professional Photographers. Adobe classes. Sony will be starting back up with their classes, in 2011, called Backstage. I can't wait. Last year, I took a course in slide show creations The instructor is a huge Nikon fan.

So, i went back to Sony. I looked at some reviews. Here is what they said:

Sony Alpha SLT-A33!
Innovative translucent-mirror technology makes the Sony SLT-A55 one of the fastest digital cameras we've tested, and definitely one of the very fastest SLR cameras. For tighter budgets, the Sony SLT-A33 is a bit slower, but its shooting speed still beats every other digital camera anywhere near its category. Sony's unique tech also means that the Sony A55 and Sony A33 offer exceptional autofocus ability during video recording as well. Throw in special Sony features like sweep panorama and special mult-shot modes for hand holding low light shots and the Sony A55 and Sony A33 represent truly unique value propositions in the digital camera space. For maximum resolution and shooting speed, plus built-in GPS, choose the Sony A55. Give up a little speed and resolution and drop the GPS, though, and you can save upwards of $200 with the Sony A33. Click here for our full review of the Sony A33 digital camera!

I snapped this picture in New Mexico, Between Santa Fe and Tao's-
"Gasoline Alley", so many have enjoyed this. Time has passed and many of the Pumps are gone. So I will enjoy this and send it your way. Inside of this Mini Museum is collector cars, and many old gas cans. If you're ever in New Mexico take a gander, you wont be disappointed. I  hope you enjoy this.

I don't know about you, but I am such a fan of the ladies. Hoodies, WHEN i HAVE GONE to car shows with my husband first thing is I start to drift towards the ladies. I snapped these beauties. I just think they are the crown jewels. Like a tall ship. If only they would make them like they use to . Can I get a heck ya!!.  I wont give ya two dimes for a hemi... I know it is a muscle CAR. Big deal, these are The Ladies. I feel a complete connection to them.Gosh,  I just feel in them in my heart. I am an old soul for the 30's and 40's. Does anyone know, who designed these ladies. I know there is a huge following of these beauties. I am one of them. Taking by my iphone, not bad, if I don't say so  myself. I will be posting more when I am out and about. Just love the iphone. So much to say, about these

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