Thursday, January 14, 2010



We write our words on a page. Our feelings come out- in any shape and form, We do this to let our feelings out and feelings in. We want to Inspire people, and be inspired – give – hope - relief- I went to my dashboard… wanting to connect to someone.

I have been following That Amy Saia. I love the way she connects to people. I don’t like reading blogs that go on and on about crazy Politics. Amy’s voice will reach across the world… With that being said she has inspired me in such a profound way. Please read her blog,I am following her,>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> you will be inspired 

Take a gander.

One of my Goals last year was to stop Smoking- well I have done that, It has been a year. Also, I wanted to take Art classes. I Did that and will continue to keep taking classes. I love to draw, Illustrations for children’s books. I have been in such awe, For ever learning on this. To tell a story though Pictures. What a gift!. Seen such awesome Illustrations..

Children are so innocent. My daughter and I love to read. We started on a journey of reading when she was very young. See my daughter needed classes at such an early age, that it was always like she was trying to catch up on the reading. She had the littlest glasses. It wasn’t because she didn’t want to wear them. She just didn’t like the way they looked on her. It was a battle to get the prescription right… So reading didn’t come easy for her. she has become an advent reader. Learning all about children’s books- has been one of the most wonderful things I have ever done. Because I remember all the book both my children have read over the years. I am so surprised that I don’t have a complete library.  I really enjoy reading the blogs of the people I’m following.

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