On March 8th my dear husband was diagnosed with Leukemia, I was in such need for resourses. So I compiled a list for the hospital and other people at the hospital. If you know of any please let me know. I will continue to add to this page.

1311 Mamaroneck Ave suite 310 White Plains, NY 10605 #404-320-3333 #866-327-8340 Medicine Program.

Partnership for Prescription Assistance ( PPA )

#888-477-2669 888-462-9368

110 W. Dayton Suite 205

Edmonds, WA 98020
Key to Life #877-539-2543

The Salvation Army National Headquarters 703-836-7112   United Way Worldwide

800-532-6459 (1-800-5-family )  1-800-532-5274 ( PAF )  Over 604 websites
 Patient Advocate Foundation


*HATS, WIGS, PROTHESIS, FASHION* (comfortable prostheses after surgery)
Hat and Hair: ( great hair pieces that attach to hat!)
Lori’s Wigs: ( hair pieces, wigs, specialty items for cancer patients)
Belk Wigs: (an exceptional selection of wigs to order online)
Paula Young Wigs (wigs and more!)
Just In Time (beautiful hats that are flexible and soft)
Adaptations 4 U (Breast forms, mast, bras, turbans ,caps, post-radiation skin care, etc)
The TLC Catalog
http://www.tlcdirect.otg/Default.aspx? (American Cancer Society’s full service catalog for cancer patients. )
Enell Sports Bra ( A bra for women of all sizes. Perfect for  wearing after breast reconstruction.)
Hats of Hope (Adorable baseball caps which provide hopeful messages.) (beautiful swimsuits, prostheses and lots more!)
New Attitude: ( a unique prostheses—perfect for bilateral surgery)
The Wig Goddess
(The Wig Goddess has helped many women both appearance wise and emotionally in their battle with Breast cancer. She offers high quality wigs at an excellent price.)
CJ’s Hats (Comfortable, affordable, handmade full-head coverage for your head.)
Petra’s Handmade Wool Hats (Petra’s hand crocheted and knitted soft cotton caps.)
Hats by Emmanuel
Chemo. Port Cushions
Jodee- Post- Mastectomy Fashions
Tram-Flap Reconstruction
The Pink Bra

Resourses for Food                 (866) 712-0925      


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