Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Aunt’s Hands

  My Aunts Hands

My hands I look at my hands

I wake up suddenly and see's the strength the hard work

Lines of truth in each curve,

Arthritis has set in, I ask please don't fail me now

There is still much left to achieve

More hugs a gentle touch

When I hug or chop something up

I don't want to hurt and pull back in pain

Lord God Universe please give me more time to do your work

Without pain or hesitation or to pause on which task to take

Hand to hold from this day forward

Use them wisely- point in one direction not at someone

Practice this always each day on

Hands to hold from this day forward

To praise to lift up

Give thanks always

Hands- remarkable- Loving-Kind- to wipe away tears

Not to make tears

To my Aunt Small and frail

Mother of Ten- Wife to three-Grandmother and Great Grandmother

So many hugs an loves

Sister to my father. Mother to all

Hands are tired


She wants to cook her favorite meal

Time is at hand soul wants to escape

Be young just once more

Free as a young Woman

Wants one more Dance

My Aunt.. Sister of my Father Mother of Ten

Be still- Take Care and love once more

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