Friday, July 31, 2009

The Little Mouse

Tap, Tap, Tap... waiting for the mail to arrive, another day. My cousin's book The Little mouse, is set to arrive. Via Mail. I know she has sent it. I just hate waiting for the mailman. Went on Amazon to look... and low and behold their it was, I've seen it,-their- it- was-the Little Mouse the book. When she sent the manuscript to me, Their was pictures with it. But it's just not, can't repeat it not the same.. To open a new book-- the smell of fresh ink- your eyes are the first to look upon it. I know there has been some really great reviews on the book. When she had mention the idea, way back when. and now it is all done and said. Signed-Sealed- And -Delivered- I just can't wait to post the Mission Statement up. I can't, I told her I wouldn't do that until I get the book in my hands. Then I will blast it to everyone I know. The anticipation of all this

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