Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Children’s Library


I was writing about how I should have a complete children’s library in my last post. My daughter brought over a bag of beginning Reader’s . She works for a Centre that cares for –Children With Autism.

Went through the bag looking at all the Illustrations, to help with my own children’s book. It is really fun when you have a vision. I really lost myself in the wonder of the books. When you have a set vision of what you want it to look like- I’ve received all sort of inspiration- from looking at Blogs- to books-Art and so on. What a wonderful Journey this has been. You can’t help and always thank the people in your life for the inspiration.

After looking through these books and My Blogs, had me thinking about my children’s library. It was a new school, and my daughter’s first year (  Kindergarten ). The School received just a set of books, 25 or so for each grade level. To help get the school started. Each year they would receive additional books. Still wasn’t a complete library.  It got me thinking about a program I helped with at a previous school my son attended. Called the “Birthday Book Club”.

How it works is, a children donates a book on (his or hers birthday ). It has to be a approved book- the principle can help with the guide lines that are required- For each grade level and so on. Each child will receive a stamp in the book with their name and their birthday, also a brass candle book marker with ( his or her name on that) and finally, a candle  on a “BIG” cake that mentions who donated for that month. This is a great way to help improve  your Childs library. What is always a thrill, to have a book signed by the Author. There can always be duplicates of a book.

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