Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Orleans

On the wake of the Super Bowl, I ran across some old National Geo magazines, from way back in January, 1995- I started to look at some of the photos, and really got a feel for the Big Easy!. Wow!!! What a metropolis, it was a thriving city.

The photos that were taken, captured the essence, the Beauty! of New Orleans. From the waterways of Port Charles down to Bourbon street. The down town was filled with people celebrating Mardi Gras!. The scene on the streets, Umbrellas of all colors. From drag queens to the Mardi Gras queen. Dressing in a fashion of what I would say, ( Marie Antoinette) What a happening this is. Strings of colorful beads, Peacock and Ostrich feather’s , all on a headdress of sorts. I can see where Vegas gets it’s inspiration from !, it’s Mardi Gras. All the costumes, Mask.

Creole cuisine, the taste of the French quarters 

An let’s not forget the music here. All Jazz and Rag time baby, simple pure, from the streets of Orleans. I can hear Harry Connick Jr. Fats Domino- Louise Armstrong- I have never been to New Orleans. Would have really liked to see it in all it’s beauty. Post Katrina, Don’t want to go there, not today anyway. These photos just had me thinking, I am so happy for New Orleans and the Saints! They really deserve this victory. So here is a BIG whoa to New Orleans.


IMG_New Orleans  

Photo by Bob Sacha

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