Monday, February 8, 2010

Drawings for Children's Book

This is the first of 8, that I drew for my children's book. She is the face of the "sun". The book starts off with the Universe, Sun-Moon-Stars, and Planet's.  I have gone back and forth with what the Sun and Moon are to look like. It is for children, and the Sun has become a Goddess or a Lioness. I guess, the sun can become either one of these. I just have to keep in mind that it's for children. I wanted her to be WISE with beams of light. All knowing, I haven't decided which one. I just keep drawing her. She keeps evolving. I must state, I have grown a lot since writing and doing the illustration for this book- Have been so "Inspired".  What pleasure, I have just begun to draw. I can't forget the "Moon", I have drawn a wonderful moon. I have used pastels and markers. I absolutely Love doing all the illustrations. However, to get this "PUBLISHED", okay, there I said it. I have looked at many agents, I haven't as of yet, to find one that has published a book on the Hands of God. That is what I've titled the book.                

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