Monday, February 27, 2012

Love letters ( Romeo & Juliet )

   Last week came with a surprise,
As we we're getting ready for our garage sale, my son brought down a box. I've seen this box before. As I opened this box and started to go through it, I notice something familiar. A small white bag filled with envelopes. I quick grab the knotted handle, ( you know when you tie the ends together ).

Well, I just could NOT wait to see what was inside, I ripped the bag open with such strenght. There they were, THE LETTERs, The LOVE LETTERs, from my late brother and his precious girl friend.
With that being said, with such anticipation I just wanted to sit right there and start to read them ALL.

My son ( Shawn ) said Mom!, come-on. We have work here. Dang I wanted to forget the Garage Sale all together, so I could just sit down and READ. I waited until that evening to open them up. and boy did I ever open them up and started to read...

One -by- One, I read. I must of read 5 or 6 before I stopped. Because I noticed that, she would write one, and he would write one,because the date on the stamps, they were dated the same day. So, i wanted to get them in order ( by the date they were sent ). So I put them in order and placed them back in the bag. 

From time to time I will be reading the letters and typing them here.

Romeo and Juliet (1968 film)
They were just like them

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