Friday, February 3, 2012

Hear and NowImage via WikipediaHi Everyone,

Thank you for following me on my writing.
We'll it's  been 2 months I Still, haven't heard anything from the publisher ( sigh). In their disclosure, it states, it could take up to 6 Months! to hear back from them... Okay, still wanted to hear anything by now,( you know what I mean). I'm not one whom likes to wait.
 I do have a lot of patience with LIFE.


It can be so WONDERFUL, Like some of you that have followed me know that recently I, loss my Dearly Beloved ( Sigh), I'm learning to walk, then I will LEARN to Fly- It is all been
 ( I just can't describe it). HARD AS HELL...

Now there I said it.  I know maybe this isn't a  real healthy way of dealing with this, but I pretend that it is all a Dream, a bad dream and, I am just putting one foot in front of the other. I mean it I watch my foot steps. I often talk to my beloved. I constantly ask how ya doing. I always tell him, miss ya like Hell, and you know you didn't have to leave US.

I was on a Social Network today, I  went to a friends site that I haven't seen in a long time.   I saw so many pictures of my Husbands friends that he grew up with. It touched my heart dearly.

So it got me thinking... ( Scary thought), I have My late brothers LOVE LETTERS from his girl friend and himself. Everyday they wrote a letter to each other, The stamps were only 5 cents, wow can you even amagine, Plus check this out. Remember the LOVE IS cartoon from The Los Angeles Times. Well, my bro's girl friend cut it out everyday and put it in the letter's.

He had them on his wall for the longest time. I really need to find them. The early 70's was the time, the music was simple, but had such meaning. If anyone out there, you know what that was all about.

So looking forward to hearing from you

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