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Hi Again,

So glad to have my blog, and to follow other blogs. I have learned so much from blogging and sharing insights. All the wonderful words on a page. So many  places, they all can’t fit on my blog page. So..I have placed them on my Dashboard. What an inspiration and clever ideas, and books, and so on. 

I have posted in the past about how one’s life changes, Ideas-People-Taste- and what we believe. Or should I say, what I have come to believe. For instance, Neighbors, what makes a Neighbor... funny word isn't it? I think so. Like when we come home from work and meet them in the driveway, or let’s say lord forbid... I NEED A CUP OF SUGAR- OR EGG- CUP OF MILK.etc. Remember back in the day we used to do such things.  They we're our mini mart, and we were theirs.  Now, we just jump in our cars and off we go. I do miss the times. ( being neighborly).

We didn't even think a thing about it, (now did we). Let’s think about this for a minute. Okay, life has changed, hmmm. Yes it has. We are all in such a hurry, go here go there. Man, this made me think about our today again. A pick up game in the street, Not to mention- Dodge ball- and drum roll please…… my favorite thing of all times, DING DONG DITCH. So much fun, Okay back to my sweet neighbor.  

Neighbors of today a nod and a wave. ( am I right?). Well last week MY neighbor so to speak, caught me out in the street as I was leaving in my car,  flagged me down with a hand wave, I wanted to thank him any way for trimming my hedges, I’ve told him he could use our lawnmower any time he need. He stuck his arm and head in, and said, “I haven't seen you in a while”. He knows about my beloved husband and how busy we all have become. He  spoke with my husband often. I had no idea he had become so close to him. Our beloved was so worried about his family that he had confided in him and another close friend. I was so Glad that he could open up with them. Just to release some anxieties, so to speak. So that today I can hear as his voice continues, in someone else. Funny how things are. So beautiful.

As he was speaking I noticed his shirt, (IT had a LLS logo on it) Leukemia, Lymphoma Society on the sleeve. I pointed to his shirt and said Hello, I didn’t know?. And who do you know that has been touched my this. I must have had a weird look on my face. Because he touched my hand and said “Brad was my neighbor” with this a huge sigh. I almost started to cry. It touched my heart so very much. Wow, and this is our neighbor of today. 

Well it didn’t stop there, he continued to talk to me about LIGHT THE NIGHT. This is LLS big fund raiser of the year, they have many. Which I’m told they are one of the biggest cancer research  fund raiser’s. However, he asked me if we went last month. I said “of course wouldn’t have missed it”. He stated he went and there are many other fund raisers he has joined in the fight with cancer since his neighbor 

He had mentioned that he has done Regalia, for young women in the area, not to mention, Next year there is going to be regalia on our lake. I was so excited. I mention to him, how, when, and the time is this all going to take place. He proceeds with all the details, so, “I asked him if it would be alright to launch my children’s Book there and have a huge fund raiser for LLS. This cuts things close; I hope I can me such a deadline.

Now our friend and family are joining in the fight together- his and ours against Cancer- PLEASE lend your time and hand to a friend and neighbor. It has a ripple effect- I am so glad him and his family haved moved next door- Shhh ( I think we are going to become good and maybe possibly GREAT Friends). Isn't this just the way the times can still be- Oh and by the way Do you have a Cup of Sugar

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