Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Picture books
A lot of Changes in my life recently, thank everyone for following and sending emails.

Finding balance and a new life...

Well... I had my second editing done. On my children's book, Nail biting and nerve racking waiting for the response. The wait is over, she (Terri), sent it via email."I' think my book is great. However, wonderful words of advice. Quoting Terri,

"You have wonderful concepts here, a first book to introduce young children to the benevolence of God. Smiling

A most unique idea that would make a wonderful picture book". Okay that's the good part, here is the edit. What?," you didn't think that I was going to keep this from you"?. ( just keeping it real ).

Always nice to get unbiased opinion, don't you think. As Terri edited, it was a little vague,  did i here this somewhere else? hum I think so- better hede the warning. I NEED TO GO BIG OR GO HOME...  

CHILDREN WANT ADVENTURE, EXCITMENT, loud-words  So,  I have some writing to do.

This has been such an wonderful adventure. I kept thinking  the illustrations can  due a lot of the story, not to mention having a great concept ( Terri ), It needs WORDS, and more WORDS. Great, I can deliver.

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