Monday, November 16, 2009

Children’s Book


I didn’t know –What-where- or How-to go about drawing what I saw!… First it came to me as a (Vision) Dream- -The book is a A spiritual Book. It took me to taking a Drawing class. Well here it is!. what I have drawn, My (Vision ). I wrote a Children’s Book- With a lot of help from these hands. God’s Hands

On August the 24th, I submitted my first children’s Book- Wow was I nervous. I've never wrote anything like this.  My cousin Victoria pushed me on this. An editor (Joyce ). She gave me some Wonderful inspiration and ideas about the Book- I want to Call this Book.God’s Hands. Well it’s in God’s Hands- I will be patient, this is a journey. I want to do this with my family and Friends





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Rob Britt said...

Hands are the toughest part of the body to draw realistically. I think you have done a great job with these. They show real ability.
Rob Britt
The Get Inspired! Project.

cindy wears many hats said...

I know that I have thanked Rob for his comment on my post, I just found a new, and one of the most beautiful words ( Namaste )