Monday, November 16, 2009

Art Of Healing


Image by h.koppdelaney via Flickr

Gosh, I sat down to write and I saw this picture. The Title is -Art of Healing-, wow I just sat and looked at this for sometime… Just wondering is it that easy? So I gave it a try… I’m slowly letting Go. Isn’t that’s what the balloon with the heart in it  is saying?.. I will look unto this as it fades. People will come and go into your life, Some with love some with their hurts!. We let them in… We  really don’t want to expect a lot from them. Just the same in return, Compassion, understanding… and of all else certainly not judgment. So I am letting go and putting –people-places- and things- in perspective-

I thank God for my blog and the people I follow- it is great place to land and take a long deep breathe of air. I count my blessing everyday. Putting life first, My family and friends- that’s my life…

God Bless, CindyArt of Healing

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