Monday, November 15, 2010

Update On Recycle Page

I've recycled an old water fountain that seen its day. Filled with my own compost.
I sprayed it with. ( Hammered Paint -by Krylon ). Then, I antiqued it with a water base stain-last I cleared it, ( only on the outside).

I really had a problem with slugs and snails. So I used some copper foil that I had left over from doing some stained glass.You can see the copper foil over the seed pods of peet moss.

 I really miss my fountain. Nothing like the sound of calming water. It serves well as an herb garden. I planted - Strings of Pearl from the spout. Try this  ( String of Pearls). It looks like water flowing from the spout.

A beautiful mother Bird, found this to be a wonderful home. Since then, the string of pearls hasn't been the same. However, all isn't lost. I can say, I am like a grandma to the little darlings who emerge. I must admit, I was somewhat  proud. She knew how I protected the them from our ever curious Dogs!

Also, on the right side of the planter, you will see my Tiny little seeds that are emerging. I like to start with seeds.
Special when you make your own compost. Then you know where the soil came from.The cost is much less than if you bought a plant that is already established, and soil.
 This way, I can arrange then, in my garden.

I love to recycle Almost anything- I am a child of the Sixty's and Seventy's- Love the Good Earth

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