Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hand Made Cards

Hi everyone,
We are making holiday cards for everyone that has been helping our beloved father, and husband.
He is back in the hospital, we are so grateful for the nurse’s and Dr’s that have devoted their time and effort in helping people. They have gone beyond the call of duty. Also, people with the Cancer Society, Social workers, and beyond.
I have gone to Jo Ann’s and picked up Their Amber Autumn Fall Stack collection. 70 cards in all. I also purchased the Autumn papers. The box of cards comes with envelopes. I am trying something different. I’m going to be doing a tri fold with a leaf attached. I cut out leafs from the paper stack. Then gluing them on the front. Inside the card I have glued matching paper, then I will be printing a ( quote of gratitude ).
Showing our appreciation, We haven’t planed a feast or festival. We just want to give thanks and be grateful,  for Science of today.
So here is a sample of the makings' of our cards. 


card2 001
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