Tuesday, December 1, 2009


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I turned on my TV this morning, turned to the View… (Which I truly love this show): I admire Whoopi Goldberg, My hat goes off to her. I believe Barbara Walters… GOT IT RIGHT this time, well besides all that, She opened with… IT IS NATIONAL AIDES DAY. Gave the stats on how many people have died from this. Wow I just could not believe this. That 50% of the population are Woman.

Whoopi, Robin Williams, and Billy Chrystal. I wont forget to mention the Devine Ms Taylor. Have really put a Face on this horrible disease. So please remember that today and always AIDS


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Anonymous said...

She is my favorite person, and thank you for recognizing National Aids Day, hopefully the fear connected to it is cured if not the problem that faces so many. I am a supporter myself.