Friday, June 12, 2009

What does one do

What does one do? I asked. One gets going, one listens. I have had this blog for 2 years afraid to post. I didn’t know anything about all this blogging stuff. I love all the blogs that I have seen. Some amazing stuff. I don’t have any idea how to place or arrange my blog followers. If you have any suggestion please feel free to post and let me know. Have been just tying to post… I believe the rest will follow. I love art.. and some of what I will be displaying in here from time for all to see. Trying different mediums.. I met one wonderful person so far, her name is Julie. I love her work.. she is a silversmyth.. yes that is

S I L V E R S M Y T H> Her web site is great, she has made me some wonderful things. She can custom make anything for you, she has for me!!! www.

Trying to write a book..I have married one terrific guy, two beautiful children So I must not be that terrible. I look forward to your post.

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