Sunday, May 20, 2012

You're Brand-Platform

 I want to help clarify, what is " YOU'RE' BRAND

Today I ran across an article about- Stay at home MOMS
Yes I know, this subject again. Wait for a moment and read- I think people need to be in the KNOW down in the trenches about this subject-

When I became a widow, the subject came up about, "Cindy what are "YOU" going to do". For that moment, and I will say for that very moment thought, "Oh My God", what am I going to do?. You see, often times I have been placed in that BOX, STAY AT HOME MOM. People, just don't get this whole STAY AT HOME Thang. People just don't see the real "YOU" so to say.

I worked out side of the home, (part time). for awhile. I became such an asset, to my friends that were working out of the home full time. I became their Ali's. there voice to their children, there second mom sorta speak. We need moms that stay home- they are the ones that help raise our children. They are our mainstay. So, your saying what does this have to do with a brand, well it's just this. people forget WHO they are inside, their talents- what can they bring forth to your community.

I started to realize, who I was inside when I started my blog. All the community service that I have done. The people I have worked with over the course of many years. These are our unsung hero's. People that help with in the back ground that nobody see's.

I see young mother's walking with their children., and I'd say to myself, "that was me some 30 odd years ago". Since then I have become a business owner- had to learn  marketing- How to have Great customer service. How to listen to people and what they want, not to say learning the books. I received all this education from being as a so called "STAY AT HOME MOM".
Often people have mentioned to me that I have great people skills. We'll listen to young children, that's how you learn. How to decipher what they really need and what is fisible. Really listen, answering people honestly- and say, If I don't know I will find out for you. All these skills is what "your" Brand-Platform is. Don't count yourself out

I've such a love for children's books-  way back when. We had a brand spanking new school. Wow everything was new, even the books were new. Very limited I mind you, just the basic of books. So I thought, we really need to build this library up. I can't ask parents again to donate money. Geez.
So I thought, I'd helped a young mother before with building a schools library, (my children attend in the previous year), with what was called

What this is, is just that. A birthday book, on their birthday (children), would donate a hardcover book to the library, and with that they would receive a brass candle book marker with the date-and book's name. Plus, they would get a stamp in the book with their name on it. So, when other students would open it up, they would see this. It really caught on- In the library was a HUGH cake. Once a month all the children that had donated a book, would see that there was a paper candle on the cake that showed who donated.

So when I started a building my brand sometime ago, I had to think about what was "MY" brand- Suzanne, she was such and influence to me. Helped me see inside of myself and all that I have contibuted. Not even realizing this. So today I seen this and had to re-post the article, so letting people know that.

When you decide to write your first book or start off as a writer, you have no foundation . . . or so you think. In looking at yourself in a résumé sort-of-way, you might be surprised at the foundation you possess, often identifying better ways to springboard into the public's eye than through a first book and an unknown name.

Before you were a writer or author, you were something or somebody else. Start that elusive platform through indirect means, using all your skills, talents, education, and experiences. In a roundabout way you become a name before your dream project ever gets off the ground. Your experiences have molded you. When you use your "seasoned" eyes, the eyes that represent a person confident in a particular subject, no matter what it is, you become empowered. Tapping into that part of you is a means to break ground on your platform.

You can also take detours, accessing platform for your project through side-door methods. You might not be a freelancer, but writing articles is one of the powerful introductions to a brand. You may hate contests, but placing in several begins to put your name on the map. Developing your brand takes time, but it doesn't mean you have to spend years writing one or two books to make it happen. You can get busy now, and make a name for yourself.

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  • Writing outside of your dream project can lead readers to it.
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  • How being three-dimensional accelerates your brand building.
  • How to see brand as entrepreneurial, not author-

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