Monday, March 5, 2012

LOvE LeTter’s

I ran across this picture and just had to share

We’ll, before I start posting the love letters. I have some memorabilia to share. Gosh, I just can’t believe it has been 40 years- but it has.
This is his first car that he had, the monthly payments were only $48.00 a month. Well actually, $37.80. Which I took over the payments and the VDUB- I will talk more about me and the V-DUB later. Or should I say the spirit of The V-DUB
 Bob 013    Bob 012 (3)
So here is his ASB card from his last year in High School. His drivers test, the receipt for his driving school, plus pink slip- so she ( Rona ), could get out of class. Boy do I have a few of those. Rona just didn’t like to be in L.A. She wanted to be close to the beach where her beloved was. As you will read How much she just hated living there. Today, you would’ve  loved to live there. Rona’s house was on a huge hill looking over L.A. A very beautiful view. Plus, the house was not a cottage by no means. It was a grand home- with loads and loads of trees.


Also-here is his  copy of the social Security's Card slip, a copy of his Birth certificate

Bob 002  Bob 005 


Bob 007     Bob 008   Bob 010

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