Friday, June 3, 2011

Query Letter

  Well, this will be my hundredth  Query letter...
 Dear, Agent/Publisher. This is serious business. I really didn't realize the art to this. To capture an Agent/ Publishers attention at a glance.

Can you imagine, hundreds upon thousands of letters they get in a single day? To read.

  Dear Jane,
 Blah, Blah, Blah... and guess what?,  my mine was one of them. Shriek, ( I thought ), gosh does mine read like THAT!. Well, it most certainly did. So!, back again I write.

   Dear Jane...
 Well this time, I hope, that I have done my home work and research on HOW TO WRITE A QUERY LETTER, wow, now that is saying something.  Yes it's an Art form, you bet you're bottom dollar it is just that, an Art. I've received so much information from The Query Shark. On how to write a  Query letter.

I do hope it gets past the desk, and they like what am writing about. See, I have big hopes, just like millions of  Authors do, Getting Published. There is so many pros and cons on Publishing.

I've learned Not, and I mean not to take it Personal. About being declined. I have to keep at this. Glad I have my blog so that other writers can comment. So please fill free to post- say yeah or nay

. A great friend of mine is getting his book published, he went with self publishing, went great lengths with re-writes. He liked the whole Idea of that ( self publishing ), Once again, Pros and Cons.

I would love to see my book get published, I believe it will.

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