God's Hands By Cindy Story

I just love this Children's Book,

 I believe that every child should have this in their library. The book starts out with
 Isabella come down for breakfast, My name is not Isabella, "Said the little girl".
Then who has been sleeping in my daughter's bed "asked the mother".

Well, as the book continues, Isabella becomes some of the most famous Ladies in all history. Sally Ride, Anne Oakley, Rosa Parks, Marie Curie, Elizabeth Blackwell. As you read this delightful book it inspires you like a child. " I can be anyone I want to be". Well with that said. The ending will surprise, and bring joy to your heart. I know, it did mine On that note I leave you with this little book with a huge message.

This is the first of 8, that I drew for my children's book. She is the face of the "sun". The book starts off with the Universe, Sun-Moon-Stars, and Planet's.  I have gone back and forth with what the Sun and Moon are to look like. It is for children, and the Sun has become a Goddess or a Lioness. I guess, the sun can become either one of these.

I just have to keep in mind that it's for children. I wanted her to be WISE with beams of light. All knowing, I haven't decided which one. I just keep drawing her. She keeps evolving. I must state, I have grown a lot since writing and doing the illustration for this book- Have been so "Inspired".  What pleasure, I have just begun to draw. I can't forget the "Moon", I have drawn a wonderful moon. I have used pastels and markers.

I absolutely Love doing all the illustrations. However, to get this "PUBLISHED", okay, there I said it. I have looked at many agents, I haven't as of yet, to find one that has published a book on the Hands of God. That is what I've titled the book

This is a drawing of hands I drew in Art class... Trying to draw a vision that I have for my children's book... I didn't know anything about anatomy Structure of muscules and bones... All I know is what I see Have many books on the subject... so I am learning all about this I believe it is a beautiful thing... the form of a human body, each element.., I have other Hands that I have done

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